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Our policies

Our policies ensure impartiality in carrying out management systems certification activities.

Carbon Trust Assurance Ltd is an independent certification body which aims to provide a practical approach to our clients' certification requirements.


Carbon Trust Assurance Ltd understands the importance of impartiality and we have embedded suitable controls in our policies, practices and strategy. Further information on our controls and policies can be found below:


Requirements for Certification

The requirements which our certified and prospective clients must abide by in relation their certification are detailed in our Requirements for Certification document.

View Requirements of Certification (PDF)


Impartiality Statement

The Carbon Trust aims to secure and maintain trust in the provision of our services. The certification decisions we make are based on objective evidence against the applicable standard. To ensure impartiality we review our activities with an independent impartiality committee alongside a statement of impartiality as below.

View Statement of Impartiality (PDF)


Use of Marks

Use of the Carbon Trust Certification Mark can be an extremely powerful tool for your organisation, both from a management and marketing perspective. Use of any Carbon Trust Certification Mark will be subject to meeting the criteria of our licence terms and conditions which are detailed in the document below.

View Use of Marks document (PDF)


Suspension Process

Carbon Trust Assurance maintains the right to suspend any certification on the basis outlined within the Requirements for Certification document.

View our Requirements for Certification (PDF)


Complaints and appeals

As a client of the Carbon Trust, you have the right to report and appeal a disagreement or dispute concerning your ISO Standard Certification which you have not been able to resolve through your Audit Team Leader or Client Manager. Please follow the Complaints and Appeals Procedure PDF for guidance.

View Certification Complaints Procedure (PDF)

View Certification Appeals Procedure (PDF)

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