ISO 50001 Foundation Training

ISO 50001 Foundation

Availability: In-house

Duration: 1 day

Level: Introductory


Intended For:

Individuals or teams who:

  • Work with an existing energy management system and want to enhance their knowledge of the requirements behind it.
  • Want to gain an understanding of the key requirements of the ISO 50001 standard and energy management systems.


Course Objectives:

Upon completion course delegates will understand:

  • The purpose and intent of the ISO 50001 standard and energy management systems;
  • The key requirements of ISO 50001;
  • The benefits of implementing an energy management system;
  • Their responsibilities with regards to their energy management system;
  • The future of the ISO 50001 standard.


Course Materials, Assessment and Certification:


All course delegates will be provided with a copy of the course materials.

Delegates will be assessed via method of continuous assessment of participation throughout the course:

  • Delegates who successfully pass the continuous assessment process shall will be provided with a Certificate of Successful Completion from the Carbon Trust.
  • Delegates who do not pass the continuous assessment process shall receive a Certificate of Attendance from the Carbon Trust.
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How to book:

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